Range Rules and Commands


  • ALWAYS know and obey all range commands.
  • ALWAYS wear closed-toe shoes
  • ALWAYS keep your arrows in quiver until you hear the appropriate whistle command.
  • ALWAYS inspect your equipment before shooting.
  • ALWAYS keep your arrows pointed down or towards the target.  Shoot only at the target you are assigned to.
  • ALWAYS use arrows provided by the instructor and remember what they look like.  (You may use your own arrows if approved by instructor)
  • ALWAYS walk at the archery range.
  • ALWAYS be absolutely sure that the path to the target and beyond is clear.
  • ALWAYS secure loose clothing, remove bracelets and necklaces; tie hair back
  • ALWAYS treat your archery equipment with respect.
  • ALWAYS treat your fellow archers with respect.
  • NEVER stoop to pick up an arrow until you are told it is safe or hear the appropriate whistle command.
  • NEVER release the bow string when there is no arrow on the string. This is also known as "dry firing" and may cause damage to the bow, and those around you.


  • One Whistle Blast – nock your arrow and begin shooting
  • Two Whistle Blasts – archers may proceed to the Shooting Line and take correct stance
  • Three Whistle Blasts – walk forward and safely retrieve your arrows
  • Five or More Whistle Blasts (series of whistle blasts) – STOP SHOOTING IMMEDIATLEY and place arrows in quiver


  • Wait behind the Waiting Line until you hear Two Whistle Blasts or an instructor calls archers to the Shooting Line.
  • After you are called to the Shooting Line, you may pick up your bow and straddle the shooting line.
  • Keep your arrows in your quiver until you hear One Whistle Blast or instructed to begin shooting.
  • After you have shot all of your arrows, step back from Shooting Line, set your bow on the rack, and wait behind the Waiting Line.
  • After everyone has complete their round of shooting and has repositioned themselves behind the Waiting Line, the instructor will sound the Three Whistle Blast or instruct archers to walk forward to retrieve arrows and stop at the Target Line.


  • Typically two archers will use the same target simultaneously. Following the appropriate instruction, two archers may approach the target and pull their arrows.
  • Each archer should stand on their side of the target, and make sure that no one is standing behind you.
  • Pull your arrows out one at a time, and place them safely in your quiver.
  • After you have safely pulled your arrows, you may return to the Waiting Line.